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Traffic Enforcement
South Carolina only

South Carolina Security

​Under South Carolina Code of Law Title 56, Chapter 5, Section 170, Paragraph B – Only authorized emergency vehicles and private security patrol vehicles regulated by the State Law Enforcement Division are allowed use or display of any blue lights or red lights. This includes light bars and smaller lights such as dash, deck, or visor lights. To "display" means to be seen, whether activated or not. Given this Code of Law set forth by the State of South Carolina select vehicles in our fleet are equipped with blue emergency lighting and sirens, which are used to conduct traffic stops and clear traffic in emergency situations.

Security in South Carolina is covered by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for both Armed and Unarmed Officers. Under South Carolina Code of Law Title 40, Chapter 18, Section 110 - A person who is registered or licensed under this chapter and who is hired or employed to provide security services on a specific property is granted the authority and arrest power given to Sheriff's Deputies. 


Currently, in the state of South Carolina, there are only 22 companies authorized by SLED the authority to equip and use blue emergency lighting on patrol vehicles. Precision being one of these 22 companies do issue official South Carolina uniform warnings and citations. Precision does not profit from any citations issued, all fines and court costs are paid directly to the county in which the citation was issued. All citations issued by Precision Security are prosecuted by our officers in county court. 

Under the provisions of SLED for any Security to enforce South Carolina Code of Law Chapter 56 require the roadways to be private

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