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At Precision, we are passionate about client needs and integrating solutions that perfectly fit their needs. We have extensive security experience and a strong knowledge of North and South Carolina General Statutes, data-driven planning, HUD regulations, private property, tenant/landlord law, and premise liability laws. This allows us to seamlessly integrate that proficiency with our technology. As a result, you get a comprehensive and complete service package at the best price!

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My Personal Guarantee To You, Our Valued Client

When selecting any service for your business or personal life, it is important to ensure that you get the best value for your hard-earned money. When it comes to your security needs, ask yourself one question - What am I paying for?

There are numerous security companies with a variety of selling points and sales pitches in this day and age. I personally do not try to sell to a client; instead, I want to show you how we can be a part of your success and reduce your liability. My guarantee to you is that we will NEVER be out-valued by ANY company EVER. The value you get from us is unparalleled to that of ANY other company. Some may cost less than Precision but ask yourself, What am I paying for?  I guarantee what we provide for the price is the absolute BEST value you will find ANYWHERE ELSE!

Thank you for your interest in Precision Security & Special Police!

Michael J Grisanti, CHIEF

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