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North Carolina Special Police Officers (SPO) refers to a specific category of law enforcement officers in the state of North Carolina who have limited jurisdiction and authority.

1. Jurisdiction and Authority - SPO in North Carolina are considered Private Police who can be employed to protect private property. 

2. Training and Certifications - SPO in North Carolina must meet specific training and certification requirements set by the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standard (CJETSC). 

3. Limited Powers - SPO, while in the performance of their duties of employment, have the same powers as municipal and county police officers to make arrests for both felonies and misdemeanors and to charge for infractions while on the property they are paid to protect. Any other real property while in continuous and immediate pursuit of a person for an offense committed upon the property described above.

Precision's Special Police Chief - Nathaniel Tarsitano ( - Contact for more information

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