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Precision Patrol Officers complete vehicle and/or foot patrols on assigned properties to act as a visible deterrent to crime. Officers engage in proactive Random Interactive Patrols (R.I.Ps), our Patrol Officers are trained to conduct these patrols in both North and South Carolina. Patrol Officers will respond to properties for a call for service or while patrolling self-initiate public contacts. These public contacts can include suspicious persons and vehicles on properties, domestic violence situations, fights, shots fired on a property, and more. Due to these public contacts, our Patrol Officers are only offered in an Armed capacity.

North Carolina Security

​Security in North Carolina is covered by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB) for both Armed and Unarmed Officers. Under North Carolina General Statute Chapter 74C-4 the NCPPSB sets the standards for all companies and persons engaged in the private protective services profession. Our Officers are trained to follow these standards up to and including the means of detainment for any Assaults, Felonies, Property Damages, and Breach of Peace.

South Carolina Security

Security in South Carolina is covered by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for both Armed and Unarmed Officers. Under South Carolina Code of Law Title 40, Chapter 18, Section 110 - A person who is registered or licensed under this chapter and who is hired or employed to provide security services on a specific property is granted the authority and arrest power given to Sheriff's Deputies. The Security Officer may arrest a person violating or charged with violating a criminal statute of this State but possesses the powers of arrest only on the property in which he or she is employed. Given this Code of Law set forth by the State of South Carolina, our Officers are trained in completing a legal arrest in the counties to which our client’s properties reside. 

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