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At Precision, we are here to protect and defend your best interests. We offer services more than "observe and report" services ranging from Armed Security Officers to Special Police Officers.

Our business?
Is protecting yours!

What sets us apart?

Meeting your security needs while exceeding your expectations has always been our mission through our combined 120 years of leadership and experience! With our dedicated client service and active involvement; we have turned many communities into better places to live in.

  • Quality Service

    • Your satisfaction is our top priority! We offer a wide array of security and protection services at a fair price​

  • Values

    • We are a local company that believes in the values of honesty and integrity in our business practices.​

  • Total Peace of Mind

    • Our highly trained officers will leave you with a feeling of confidence that's unmatched and unbeatable!​

  • Proactive Approach

    • With our professionally proactive strategies, we go beyond the standard "Observe and Report" and improve the communities with change for a better place to live.​

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