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Your satisfaction is our top priority! We offer a wide array of security and protection services.

Precision  Protective &Security services

​"Meeting needs and exceeding expectations!! 

Our Unique Approach

Available Services

A comprehensive, integrated solution is the best choice

At Precision we are passionate about client needs and integrating solutions to match. Because of our experience in security along with a strong knowledge of  North and South Carolina General Statutes, data driven planning, HUD regulations, private property and tenant/landlord law, premise liability laws we are able to integrate this with our technology to offer you a comprehensive and complete service package at the best price!

Additional Services

  • Completely paperless system with "green" duty logs and incident reports
  • Local law enforcement partnerships with units like VCAT 
  • Proactive patrolling with high visual presence limits unauthorized or illegal activities on your property
  • Unarmed/Armed dedicated security officers

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Special Event Coverages

  • Concierge Protection

  • Custom Security Portfolios 

  • Random Vehicle Patrols

  • Electronic and Chemical Control Training (for officers of Precision only)
  • ​School Resource Officer
  • ​High risk residential security with our trademarked CRIME team
  • Community Oriented Patrol
  • Executive Protection
  • PI Services (coming soon!!)
  • ​Active Shooter Response
  • ​Hostile employee/workplace violence de-escalation program
  • ​Bank and cash officer escorts.

Services Overview

Something to Consider

  • Safety Assessments
  • "Fire watch" construction services
  • Background checks​
  • ​​Loss Prevention and inventory control

Where do you put your trust?

Entrusting someone with your assets or a loved one is an honor and responsibility that we take seriously. At Precision we are prepared to meet those challenges head on and foster a climate of trust and open ended communication.


Can I afford security? Can you NOT???

Yes, you can...We work on a concept of "Flex Budgeting" which means we WILL NEVER set a hard price.  We work WITH you to tailor our service within your budget.  As your budget flows we flex and adapt our services to meet whatever you can afford

But I already have cameras or an officer on property, I don't need security...

While a cameras and a community officer are great starts, there are certain things both cannot do that we can. Such as trespass a person from property, issue lease violations and enforce your specific rules on property.  Under Premise Liability laws properties with cameras have still suffered multi million dollar law suites that have been avoided by properties with a security team in place.  Let us sit down and show you how we can drastically reduce your liability.